Subversion 1.8.1 Released

Following June’s long-awaited release of Subversion 1.8, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has announced the first update, 1.8.1.

Apache Subversion 1.8.1 is largely a bug-fix release, including fixes for the following:

  • upgrade –  fix notification of 1.7.x working copies
  • resolve –  improve the interactive conflict resolution menu
  • translation updated for German and Simplified Chinese
  • improved error messages when encoding conversion fails
  • update –  fix some tree conflicts not triggering resolver
  • merge –  rename ‘automatic merge’ to ‘complete merge’
  • log –  reduce network usage on repository roots
  • commit –  remove stale entries from wc lock table when deleting
  • wc –  fix crash when target is symlink to a working copy root
  • mod_dav_svn –  better status codes for anonymous user errors
  • mod_dav_svn –  better status codes for commit failures

For a full list of all bug fixes and improvements, see the Apache changelog.

You can download our fully tested, certified binaries for Subversion 1.8.1 free here.

WANdisco’s binaries are a complete, fully tested version of Subversion based on the most recent stable release, including the latest fixes, and undergo the same rigorous quality assurance process that WANdisco uses for its enterprise products that support the world’s largest Subversion implementations.

Using TortoiseSVN?

There is an updated version of TortoiseSVN, fully compatible with Subversion 1.8.1, available for free download now.

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