Enterprise Git… The Way It Should Be

100% Uptime.  LAN-Speed.  Enterprise Ready.

Git has fast become a preferred SCM solution for open source projects and, increasingly, for the world’s largest enterprise software development teams. Developers enjoy Git’s speed, powerful local branching, and versatile toolkit.

Despite its benefits, enterprises have struggled to turn Git into a solution that works as well for the 1000th developer in London as it does for the first developer in California. Git MultiSite solves the problems caused by a single master repository by leveraging WANdisco’s patented replication technology to provide high availability, easy management, and superior performance to distributed teams using Git.

Develop at the speed of Git

Git MultiSite makes it easy to add new nodes to your Git installation both locally and for remote offices. These nodes can distribute the performance load of a large user base or automated build and test plans. Since every node is writable and all pushed commits are transparently replicated to all locations, they also provide LAN-speed performance to users connected over a WAN. Git MultiSite handles coordination of network activity and synchronization after a failure.

Zero down time

With Git MultiSite, each node serves as a Disaster Recovery node, eliminating the single point of failure inherent in most enterprise Git deployments. Downtime, data loss and slow performance become a thing of the past, and merge conflicts and other issues are identified and resolved as soon as they occur, instead of days later.

Global repository management

Git MultiSite makes it easy to deploy new repositories and servers and monitor them at a glance.  Administrators can select which repositories are shared between sites, and because Git MultiSite’s administrative tools are based on the proven architecture of WANdisco’s existing MultiSite products, there is no need to deploy and maintain ad-hoc Git mirrors.

Pure Git

Git MultiSite is built on two foundations: Git and WANdisco’s patented Distributed Coordination Engine (DConE) – no black boxes or closed tool stacks. Developers can continue to use all the monitoring and other tools they know and love.

Enterprise Support and Services

WANdisco is a leading supporter of open source SCM technology. All of our products are backed by our team of open source software experts providing secure, high-quality live assistance to customers anywhere in the world whenever they need it.

Git, the way it should be

Backed by Git MultiSite, your distributed development teams will enjoy fast and reliable Git repositories, your administrators will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and easy to manage, and the whole company will benefit from the best enterprise Git solution available.

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