Two New Apache Subversion Releases

The Apache Subversion team has announced two new releases: Subversion 1.7.10 and 1.6.23.

Subversion 1.7.10 includes a number of fixes, such as improving the error messages for fatal errors. Others include:

– a fix for the “no such table: revert_list” error in ‘svn revert’

– multiple fixes for ‘svn diff’ showing incorrect data

– a fix for repository corruption issues on disk failure in Windows

– svnserve exit and memory issues

More information on Apache Subversion 1.7.10 can be found in the Changes file.

Meanwhile, Subversion 1.6.23 includes a fix for svnserve exit issues and other minor bug fixes, all of which can be found in the Changes file.

Both versions can be downloaded free via the WANdisco website.


If you have any feedback on the WANdisco binaries, or on Subversion itself, head on over to our SVNForum.

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