Why WANdisco?

The seventh most watched video on TED.com, as of mid 2013, is a talk by Simon Sinek, called “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” In the video he describes the concept of The Golden Circle, although I remember it better as the “Why, How, What” method for creating enduring innovation and competitive advantage.  If you aren’t familiar with this, I’ll wait here while you watch this must-see video.

Done? And suitably inspired?  I hope so, because it’s a powerful concept.

It also raises the question of why does WANdisco exist? This was the subject of discussion at a recent offsite, and the answer emerged clear and bright.

Why WANdisco? Because your data is important to you.

If you recall in a previous post, Why DConE is Ideal, I related how DConE, our true active-active replication engine, “is ideal in the sense that we are always safe, and live to the extent allowed by physics.”  In this context, “safe” is a property of distributed computing that means “will never do anything wrong.”

Think about that. That’s a remarkable statement. How many systems do you know of that will never do anything wrong?  How many have no single point of failure? How many globally distributed systems have no rare-but-catastrophic edge conditions based on hardware or software failures?

In a world that is increasingly becoming dependent on computers, downtime and data corruption is becoming less and less acceptable. If Netflix can’t stream videos for a few hours, or GitHub is in one of its regular outages, it’s currently considered an unavoidable and non-critical business cost.  But what if the computer runs the safety system on a nuclear reactor?  Failures in some systems are costly at best and catastrophic at worst.

When your data is mission critical and high availability is a requirement, WANdisco Non-Stop technology creates a safety net for your data in the high failure environment of Wide Area Network distributed computing. That’s our mission. That’s why WANdisco.

Why does the company you work for exist?

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