Webinar Roundup: Introduction to Git

On May 30th, we hosted our first webinar on the Git revision control and SCM system, “Introduction to Git” led by 33 year industry veteran and WANdisco Director of Training, Michael Lester. Over 600 people attended the webinar, which covered key Git functionality ranging from initiating repositories to merging branches and resolving conflicts.


Topics included using Git via command line and GUI; repository initialization, testing, and population; checkouts, working folders, and commits; staging and un-staging; branching and merging; and more.


The presentation was followed by a short Q&A that focused on ignoring files to prevent accidental addition, how to keep binaries out of your Git repository, how to configure repository policies, and why rebasing local repositories is useful for simplifying the remote log.


Be sure to check our webinar replays for the “Introduction to Git” VOD coming soon.


Interested in our Webinars? Registration is currently open for “Selecting the Right SCM Tool for Global Software Development” on June 12th at 9:00 am Pacific / 12:00 pm Eastern as well as our upcoming Subversion Hook Scripts and Advanced Hook Scripts webinars here.

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