Ignoring Files with SmartSVN

It’s common for Apache Subversion projects to contain files you don’t wish to place under version control; for example, your own notes or a list of tasks you need to complete.

Users of SmartSVN, the popular cross-platform SVN client from WANdisco, will be reminded of these unversioned files whenever they perform an ‘svn commit.’ In most instances you’ll want to add these files to SmartSVN’s ignore list to prevent them from cluttering up your commit dialog, and to safeguard against accidentally committing them to the repository.

To add a file to SmartSVN’s ignore list:

1) Select the unversioned file you wish to ignore.

2) Open the ‘Modify’ menu and click ‘Ignore…’ If the ‘Ignore’ option is greyed out, double check the file in question hasn’t already been committed!

3) Choose either ‘Explore Explicitly,’ which adds the selected file/directory to the ignore list, or ‘Ignore As Pattern.’

If ‘Ignore As Pattern’ is selected, SmartSVN ignores all files with the specified naming convention. Enter the names of the files you wish to ignore, or use the * wildcard to ignore all files that:

  • End with the specified file extension (*.png, *.txt, *.class)
  • Contain certain keywords (test_*, draft*)

The above two options are useful if you wish to ignore a group of related files, for example all image files. You can also opt to ignore all files, by entering the * wildcard and no other information.

4) Select ‘OK’ to add the file(s) to SmartSVN’s ignore list.

Ignore Patterns Property

You may also wish to apply the ‘Ignore Patterns’ property to your project. This has the same effect as selecting ‘Ignore Patterns’ in SmartSVN’s ignore list (described above) but it doesn’t require you to select a file first. This means you can configure SmartSVN to ignore groups of files before you even add them to your project.

To apply the ‘Ignore Patterns’ property:

1) Open the ‘Properties’ menu and select ‘Ignore Patterns…’

edit ignore patterns

2) Enter the names of the files you wish to ignore. Again, you can use the * wildcard where necessary.

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