Subversion Tip of the Week

Intro to the ‘svnversion’ Command

If you need to discover the revision number (or revision range, if working with mixed revisions) of your Apache Subversion working copy, you can use the svnversion command. This is particularly useful if your working copy contains mixed revisions, and you want to find out the range of revisions currently in your working copy. Run this command, followed by the location of your working copy:

svnversion (working copy path)

This will print either a single revision number or the revision range. In this example, the working copy contains files at revision 31 and revision 32:


Additional Useful Options

1) –no-newline

Removes the usual newline from the printed output.

svnversion –n (working copy path)

2) –committed

Lists the highest locally available revisions.

svnversion –c (working copy path)

3) –version

Prints the version of svnversion you’re using, and additional information such as compile date and copyright disclaimers.

svnversion –version

svnversion version

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