Subversion and Git (git-svn): A New SVNForum

You’ll soon notice a new discussion area on SVNforum for using Git and Subversion together. Subversion has been the defacto face of SCM for a number of years, and now many open source and other projects are migrating to Git, a DVCS (Distributed Version Control System.)

Often a step in that migration is to use a hybrid Subversion/Git environment with features like git-svn that allow exporting codes to Git, and pushing content back to the central Subversion server.  Just as we are Supporting Git to Support You, we hope to further support you by hosting conversation on important trends affecting the Subversion community such as the rising popularity of Git.

Do you use Git and Subversion together? Are there any challenges you’re facing working with both? Which toolsets do you use? How has this changed your development environment?

Whether you’ve gone over the curve and are now seeing the benefits, or just beginning to work in a Git/SVN environment and have a bunch of questions, head on over to the forum and let us know.

This blog was co-authored with James Creasy, our Senior Director of Product Management.

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