Supporting Git to Support You

I can only hope that today’s press release sparked a water-cooler conversation or two:

“WANdisco announces enterprise Git support? I thought they were a Subversion company.”

Of course, we still are a Subversion company, empowering the leading version control system with global scalability and high availability.  Subversion’s dominance of the SCM market has been so great, three times the share of the next most used tool according to a 2009 Forrester Research survey, that one could be forgiven for seeing Subversion as the defacto “face of SCM.”

However, here at WANdisco, we take a strategic view of the industry to provide products and solutions for wherever your version control and SCM needs take you. Scanning the crowd of faces, new and old, in the SCM marketplace is part of our job. Clearly there is one important newcomer that has proven its mettle in open source and is now knocking on the door of the enterprise: the Git distributed version control system.

Expanding our support offering to include Git is an obvious step to enable you to deploy and support the trending as well as the leading SCM tools.  And if you’ve discovered other challenges deploying Subversion or Git in your environments, we’d love to hear about them.

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