5 Ways to Customize SmartSVN

One of the features that makes the SmartSVN graphical client for Apache Subversion particularly user-friendly, is how easy it is to tailor to your particular needs. Users have plenty of options available for fine-tuning their SmartSVN installation – in this post, we’ll cover just a few of them.

1) Grouping Revisions

The ‘Transactions’ menu offers several options for grouping your revisions, helping you to get a wealth of information about different revisions at-a-glance.


The different categories are:

  • Ungrouped
  • Weeks
  • Days
  • Date
  • Authors
  • Location (repository)

Changing your revision grouping affects the ‘Transactions’ view (by default, this is located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.)

2) Show Branches and Tags

This option can also be found in the ‘Transactions’ menu. When selected, ‘Show Branches and Tags’ displays not just the working copy revisions, but also revisions of the trunk, branches and tags.

3) Accelerators

SmartSVN allows you to set custom ‘accelerators’ for common tasks (e.g copy name, show more, change commit message etc.) To customize these accelerators, open the ‘Edit’ menu and select the ‘Customize…’ option. Open the ‘Accelerators’ tab.


To create a new accelerator or change an existing one, select a menu item and click the ‘Accelerator’ field at the bottom of the screen.

accelerator 2

Press the key combination you wish to add and click ‘Assign’ to confirm. If you ever need to restore the default accelerators, select the appropriate menu Item and click ‘Reset.’

4) Customize the Toolbar

You can customize SmartSVN’s toolbar to display the icons you use the most. To get started, open the ‘Edit’ menu and select ‘Customize,’ and open the ‘Toolbar’ tab.


Use the ‘Add’ button to add one or more available buttons, and ‘Remove’ to remove buttons from the toolbar. Drag-and-drop the ‘Selected’ icons to rearrange the order in which they appear in the toolbar.

Right-clicking on any icon in the ‘Selected’ pane will bring up a context menu with some additional options:

smartsvn customize

  • Add Fixed Separator – add a separator before the currently selected icon.
  • Add Stretching Separator – add a stretching space before the currently selected button.

(Note, the remaining space is divided and assigned to the stretching separators.)

5) Context Menu

The third option available when you open the ‘Customize…’ dialog is ‘Context Menu.’ In this dialog, open the ‘Context Menu’ dropdown and select which menu you wish to change.

context menu

Once you have chosen your context menu, the available menu items are displayed in the left-hand pane, and the current context menu structure in the right-hand pane.

context menu 2

Use the ‘Add and ‘Remove’ buttons to customize the selected context menu or, alternatively use drag-and-drop. Right-clicking on an item in the right-hand pane will bring up some additional options.

context menu 3

The ‘Add Separator’ and ‘Add Menu’ options can be used to add the corresponding item before the selected item on the right-hand side. You can also click ‘Reset to Defaults’ to undo any changes you’ve made to the context menu.

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