Subversion Properties: Ignore Patterns

When working on your Apache Subversion project with SmartSVN, you may include items in your working copy that do not need to be placed under version control. While it’s possible to include unversioned items in your working copy, these items will continue to clutter up your Subversion dialogs, e.g the commit dialog:

The ‘Ignore Patterns’ property can be used to explicitly state which file patterns should be ignored within a directory. This helps the user filter out items that shouldn’t be under version control, and prevents Subversion from repeatedly asking whether these should be included in your Subversion activities.

To apply the ‘Ignore Patterns’ property:

1) Open the ‘Properties’ menu and select ‘Ignore Patterns…’

2) Enter the names of the files you wish to ignore. You can also use the * wildcard to instruct Subversion to ignore all files that:

  •  End with a certain file extension (*.png, *.txt, *.class)
  • Contain certain keywords (test_*, draft*)
  • Or alternatively, you can opt to ignore all files (*)

3) By default, only the patterns in the selected directory are ignored. Open the ‘Depth’ drop-down menu to view the other available options:

  • Only file children
  • Immediate children (files and directories)
  • Fully recursive (applies patterns to all subdirectories)

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