Subversion Tip of the Week

Backing up Your Subversion Data

No matter how clued up you are on Apache Subversion, disasters do happen, so it’s important to make regular backups of your repository data. There are several options for creating a backup:

1) Incremental backup – creates a copy of all the changes that occurred since the last backup. To perform an incremental backup, you must specify a “starting_revision” revision number:

svnadmin dump {repository} -r {starting_revision} -incremental.

This creates a dump file with information about the revisions that took place between the “starting_revision” and the latest revision.

2) Full Backup – this is essentially a copy of the entire repository, and it can be performed by running the following command:

svnadmin hotcopy {repository} {destination}

Alternatively, a full dump can be performed using the ‘hot backup’ script located in the tools/backup directory:

The {repository} {destination}

3) Backing up with SmartSVN

If you’re using SmartSVN, the popular, cross-platform graphical client, the built-in ‘Export Backup’ functionality makes it quick and easy to create a backup of your files and directories.

1) To create a backup, select the ‘Export’ option from the ‘Query’ menu. This will open the ‘Export Backup’ dialog.

In this dialog, ‘Relative To’ is the common root of all files to be exported. Depending on the selection of files or directories, the ‘Export’ option will either display the number of files being exported or a ‘All files and directories’ message.

2) You can choose to export into either ‘zip-file’ or ‘Into directory.’ In both instances, you must specify the location where the backup will be created.

3) Optionally, you can decide to ‘Include Ignored files’ and ‘Include Ignored Directories.’ Note, the second option includes all the items in the ignored directories.

4) Once you are happy with the information you have entered, click ‘Export’ to create your backup.

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