WANdisco Launches Enterprise Subversion Training On-Demand

If you’ve ever attended our Enterprise Training sessions, which are delivered by our SVN experts at a place and time to suit you, you’ll know that we’re dedicated to making it easy for Enterprises to get the information, best practices and practical, hands-on experience they need to get the most out of the world’s most popular version control system. So, we’re excited to announce a brand new series of enterprise-class, on-demand Subversion training that makes it easier than ever to get the training you need.

Designed with the enterprise in mind, our step-by-step video modules cover all the crucial SVN topics, including:

  • Basic Operations and Command Line
  • Handling Merge Conflicts
  • Advanced Repository Management
  • SVN Changelists
  • Hook Scripts
  • and more!

Each class is delivered as an on-demand, 30 minute video, which can be watched within our Video Streaming Platform or delivered as a SCORM compliant SCO file for onward integration into your LMS. The content is provided in an interactive slide presentation at an easy-to-follow pace, with visual indications to highlight where specific topics stop and start. We can also provide quiz questions as part of the training, so you can test your progress.

Sign up before December 15th, to claim one month of Subversion eTraining for free, with a 6 month agreement, or 3 months free with a 12 month agreement. Visit our Subversion eTraining page now to request a quote, or to view the complete course list.

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