WANdisco Announces Release of SmartSVN 7.5

We’re pleased to announce the release of SmartSVN 7.5, our popular, cross-platform graphical Subversion client.

This release delivers additional enhancements and new functionality to SmartSVN users, including:

Streamlined and Simplified, A Better UX

  • New GUI library (SWT) to provide native look and improved responsiveness
  • A clean and compact branching structure view with an Enhanced Revision Graph
  • See file statuses at a glance – files changed in the repository are shown in blue, struck out if removed from the repository, red in case there are local changes
  • Don’t miss a change with Project Transactions: project externals are suggested to be watched for changes
  • No longer forced to create a repository profile (profiles can still be used if preferred)

Little Things, Made Easier

  • Edit properties directly in the Repository Browser
  • Known passwords are re-used for repositories on the same server
  • Export smaller HTML graphic files with the Export option of Revision Graph
  • Remove, Move, and Copy now operate on multiple selected directories
  • Default, unchanged files are not shown. (To find files, use the File Filter)

More Secure

  • The freedom to work offline. When off, the remote state and transactions are not refreshed automatically – Log and Revision Graph operate from data already stored in the log cache
  • Support for safe password storage with the Plugin-API

More detailed information on SmartSVN 7.5 changes is available at the Changelog.

If you aren’t using SmartSVN yet, get started with a free 30 day trial of Professional Edition now. If you’re an existing SmartSVN user, download the latest release, or renew your maintenance and support contract now.

Have suggestions and feedback? We’re already planning the next release, so share your thoughts with us now. Read our ‘We want your SmartSVN Suggestions’ blog for more information.

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