Subversion Live 2012: Your Feedback

Thank you to everyone who participated in Subversion Live 2012, and who helped to make this global series of conferences for the Apache Subversion community such a resounding success.

We’ve received fantastic feedback so far, here’s just some of the comments we’ve received about Subversion Live 2012:

What You’ve Been Emailing

  • Thanks for running the conference. It was really helpful. The SVN folks I met were great. A lot more approachable than the typical geek gathering!
  • Thank you very much for the information you passed to me over the Subversion conference, I have now installed uberSVN on my laptop and have started to play with it. I have also signed up for a few webinars in November to kick off some internal training. I really enjoyed the conference, it was very well put together.  You and your staff are a very friendly and helpful team which made the event a pleasure to attend.
  • I look forward to attending next year’s event, with a bit more experience under my belt I hope to have some challenging questions for your developers.

What The Subversion Live Feedback Forms Have To Say……

  • Fantastic, even better than last year!
  • Good to meet more WANdisco staff
  • I would definitely attend next year’s event
  • My team hope to meet the WANdisco staff again

We also asked attendees what they find the most beneficial about Subversion Live, here’s some of the things that kept coming up:

  • Meeting the committers
  • Merge topics
  • Meeting WANdisco and other company employees
  • Apache Subversion 1.8 overview
  • The opportunity to speak to technical experts
  • The networking aspect
  • Breakout sessions
  • Finding out about new best practices
  • Chance to talk to SVN committers and the power users, and the WANdisco execs
  • Knowledge and advice on merging practices and tricks to speeding up transactions
  • Branching best practices
  • Hook scripts
  • Committer discussions
If you attended the event and have yet to provide feedback, you can either comment on this post, tweet us, or Contact Us directly. We’re already planning the next event, and your feedback is invaluable in helping us continue to make future Subversion Live events even better.


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