uberSVN ‘Chimney House’ Release 7

We’re pleased to announce the release of uberSVN ‘Chimney House’ Release 7. This is the final release in uberSVN’s ‘Chimney House’ series, and features a new license comparison tool, in addition to a list of fixes and enhancements. The license comparison tool ensures that users are fully aware of license changes, through a pop-up that displays the current license information and compares it to the incoming license prior to installation.

Other updates include:

  • A navigation warning that alerts the user if they attempt to navigate away from the LDAP locations page without saving.
  • The ability to perform other actions in the uberSVN UI whilst update packages are being downloaded (admins only.)
  • Apache Subversion 1.6.19 and 1.7.7 binaries shipped with all new downloads.
  • Removing LDAP locations now presents a warning and option to remove the associated users.

More information on all the changes included in this uberSVN update is available at the Release Notes.

If you’re not already using uberSVN, it’s free to download and completely free to use. Simply visit http://www.wandisco.com/ubersvn to get started.

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