Subversion Tip of the Week

Getting More out of ‘SVN Status’

When using Apache Subversion from the command line, you always begin the command with ‘svn’ followed by a subcommand. However, after this you can add some optional switches. Although you can use the same switch with different subcommands, each switch means the same thing regardless of the subcommand it’s paired with.

Switches can be crucial in controlling your subcommands. This week, we’ll cover some useful Subversion switches you may not be aware of.

1) ‘Show Updates’ Switch

This switch can be used to view the list of paths changed in your repository, since your last ‘svn update.’ This is achieved using the ‘svn status’ command followed by the ‘-u’ switch.

The output will look something like this:

2) ‘Verbose’ Switch

To view the revision information for every item, use the ‘svn status’ command, followed by the ‘–verbose’ switch and then your working copy path:

SVN Status –verbose {PATH}

For example:

This will display information on every file:

The first column (after the file’s path) shows the working-revision of the item, while the second and third column show the revision in which the item last changed, and who changed it.

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