Locking and Unlocking in SmartSVN

Apache Subversion is built around a ‘copy-modify-merge’ model, but there are times when a ‘lock-modify-unlock’ model may be appropriate (for example, when you are working on image files, which cannot easily be merged.) In this latest post in our SmartSVN series, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily lock and unlock a file.

If you don’t already have SmartSVN installed, you can download the free SmartSVN Foundation edition from http://smartsvn.com/

How to Lock Files in SmartSVN

1) Select the file you wish to lock.







2) Select the ‘Lock’ button.





3) Enter an appropriate message explaining why you have decided to lock the file, and click ‘Lock.’










How to Unlock Files in SmartSVN

If you lock files, at some point you will need to unlock them. To unlock a file in SmartSVN:

Select the file you wish to unlock and click the ‘Unlock’ button.





2) Confirm you wish to unlock the file (or alternatively, tick the ‘Break locks’ checkbox if this is someone else’s lock!)





You have now successfully unlocked the file!

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