Three Steps to Perform an Update in SmartSVN

In WANdisco’s latest quick and easy SmartSVN tip, we show you how to update your working copy, in three simple steps.

Remember, you can download SmartSVN Foundation for free today, simply by visiting

1) Inside your SmartSVN installation, select the ‘Update’ button.







2) In the ‘Update’ dialog, you can choose to update to either the HEAD revision, or a particular revision number. In most instances, you’ll be updating to the HEAD revision. In this example, we’ll be updating to the HEAD, so ensure the HEAD checkbox is selected and click ‘Update.’









3) SmartSVN will go ahead and update your working copy. Note, you can check what changes have been implemented in the ‘Output’ dialog of your SmartSVN homepage.






You have now successfully updated your working copy.

Tip. This is a very basic update. In the ‘Update’ dialog, you can select the ‘Advanced’ tab to access some additional options, including:

  • Set depth to working copy
  • Allow unversioned obstructions
  • Include externals









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