How to Perform a Detailed Checkout With SmartSVN

In our previous post, we covered performing a simple checkout with SmartSVN, using the ‘Quick Checkout’ option. In this installment, we introduce you to ‘Detailed Checkout,’ which allows you to specify which folders should be included in the working copy.

Not yet tried SmartSVN? You can download it for free!

1) Open your SmartSVN installation and select ‘Check Out…’ from the ‘Project’ menu.











2) Ensure the ‘Detailed Checkout’ option is selected, and enter the repository URL. Select ‘Next.’








3) Choose which folder you wish to checkout.








Tip. SmartSVN will automatically display the HEAD revision. However, you can use the ‘Show Revision…’ button to select revisions other than the HEAD.





4) Enter the location where you wish to create your working copy and click ‘Next.’








5) Specify whether to checkout a working copy, or export files. Click ‘Next.’








6) Review the summary and, if you are happy with the output click ‘Finish.’








7) You have successfully completed your checkout, and are ready to begin working on your project!







Get started with SmartSVN today! Visit the WANdisco website to download SmartSVN Foundation. Remember that you can evaluate SmartSVN Professional by choosing the evaluate option during the install process.


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