How to Perform a Checkout with SmartSVN in 5 Steps

In the first of our introductory SmartSVN tutorials, we covered downloading and installing this popular Apache Subversion client. In today’s post, we show you the easiest way to checkout a repository, using SmartSVN’s ‘Quick Checkout’ option.

Remember, you can download SmartSVN for free from

1) Inside your SmartSVN installation, select the ‘Check Out…’ option from the ‘Project’ menu.











2) Select whether you wish to perform a ‘detailed checkout’ (where you can download specific files) or a ‘Quick Checkout’ which requires less configuration. In this tutorial, we’ll be performing a ‘Quick Checkout.








3) Enter the URL of your repository, and the location where you wish to create a working copy. Click ‘Next.’

4) Review the summary and, if you are happy with the output click ‘Finish.’








5) ….and that’s it! You have now successfully performed your first checkout in SmartSVN.





Have questions about what WANdisco acquiring the SmartSVN product suite means for your SmartSVN experience? We’ve just published a handy FAQ, but please do not hesitate to Contact Us directly if you have anymore questions.

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