Downloading and Installing SmartSVN in 10 Steps

Yesterday, we announced that not only have we acquired Syntevo’s SmartSVN product suite, but we’re offering it at 50% less than its previous cost!

We’ve already published a handy FAQ guide for SmartSVN users but for those who haven’t tried SmartSVN yet, here’s our guide to downloading and installing our free SmartSVN Foundation edition, in 10 easy steps.

1) Your free SmartSVN download can be found at

Click on the appropriate install.





2) Enter your name, email address and company. Click ‘Submit.’








3) You’ll be notified that you’ve been sent a download link via email.





4) Check your email and click on the enclosed download link.



5) Once your SmartSVN download has finished, extract the files and launch the setup application.




6) You will be taken to the SmartSVN Setup Wizard. Click ‘Next.’









7) Select how, and where, you want SmartSVN to be installed. Once you are happy with the setup, click ‘Next.’









8) Click ‘Install.’









9) SmartSVN will begin the installation process. This may take a few minutes.









10) Once installation is complete, click ‘Finish.’ You have now successfully installed SmartSVN!









Need more support for your SmartSVN installation? SmartSVN is also available in the following editions:

  • SmartSVN Professional – licensed on a per-user basis, SmartSVN Professional is available for 30 days at no charge with 30 days of professional support, or as a paid license that includes one year of support.
  • SmartSVN Enterprise – the enterprise-class version of SmartSVN is designed for larger deployments. A single license can be shared across the number of users within an organisation. Please note, the license can only be shared a limited number of times within the same organisation.

Visit to learn more.