SmartSVN users – Welcome to the WANdisco Community!

We’re pleased to announce that we have acquired SmartSVN, to add to our existing suite of Apache Subversion products. We’re really excited about this as it means we can now offer everything needed for a production Subversion environment (client, server solution, MultiSite and Access Control capabilities and support).

Firstly, I’d like to offer a warm welcome to the WANdisco Community for all the SmartSVN users out there. We’ve setup a dedicated section of our popular Subversion forums for you guys to post any issues or suggestions for new features.

Secondly, we’re sure you’ve got a few questions following this news, so we’ve tried to pre-empt them and answer them here:

Who are WANdisco?

We’re a software company, based in San Ramon and Sheffield. We’ve been heavily involved in the Subversion project for the last few years (we’ve funded open source developers and sponsored the Apache Software Foundation) whilst building our own Subversion-based products for businesses of all sizes. You can find out more about us here.

Will this affect my current SmartSVN license agreement?

No, existing users of SmartSVN will carry on exactly as they are.

Will support change as a result of this?

Not initially, but in the future we’re likely to offer tiered support from our own expert support team.

Where should I raise issues in the future?

The best place to raise any general issues is on our dedicated forum.

You can also grab me on Twitter.

Where can I find help documentation?

We’ve got an extensive range of user documentation here. We’ll be looking to improve on this still further, so if you’ve got a suggestion please let us know.

I want to suggest a new feature, where should I do this?

We have created a forum section for feature suggestions here.

We’re really keen to make SmartSVN the leading Subversion client, so tell us any little niggles you’ve experienced or cool features you’ve seen elsewhere and we’ll do our best!

Will the products and pricing change?

Yes, but not in the way you might expect. We’re reducing prices and including one year of support by default to the updated products.

SmartSVN Professional license charges

Quantity   Price
1 – 4 USD 50.00
5 – 9 USD 47.00
10 – 24 USD 44.00
25 – 49 USD 41.00
50 – 74 USD 38.00
75 – 99 USD 35.00
100+ USD 32.00

For 60+ users we recommend SmartSVN Enterprise, a company-wide license giving you included support and updates (independent of version number).

Can I still use the SmartSVN mailing list?

Yes, for the foreseeable future, although it’s likely that we’ll move to a forum based solution at some point in the future, so we’d recommend you register and start using the forum instead.


If you’ve still got a question please post it below.

4 Responses to “SmartSVN users – Welcome to the WANdisco Community!”

  • This is surpise news!

    Who will develop SmartSVN from now on? Will the syntevo team still be involved?

    Syntevo were developing SmartSVN 7.5 but I don’t think it has been released yet. Who will finish off that product?

  • Hi David,

    Our developers will work on SmartSVN in the future, and we’ll try to make it even better than it already is. If there’s something you want to see as a future feature let us know here or on our forum here – and we’ll see what we can do!

    We’ll be working with the Syntevo guys for a little while to ensure the changeover is as smooth as possible.

    You can get a hold of the Release Candidate for 7.5 here –


  • That was indeed surprisingly to see without any “warning” notice, especially after releasing a “Release Candidate” of the new version. You are stepping into big foot-prints now. I really hope to see SmartSVN evolving the way it did with the old developer team. I am a long-time licensee, so (not meant offending in any way) I’ll clearly critically inspect the next moves. 🙂

  • Hi MH and thanks for your comments.

    We certainly intend to keep evolving SmartSVN and will be working really hard to make sure it continues to meet the requirements of all customers, old and new.


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