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You may have noticed we’ve been running regular polls for the Apache Subversion community, and after seeing that Windows is a hugely popular OS amongst Subversion users (according to the results, at least!) we’re planning to bring you more Windows-centric content over the coming weeks. In this week’s tip, we’ll show you how to get the most out of the repository browser, using TortoiseSVN, the Subversion client for Windows. 

Getting More out of the Repo Browser

With TortoiseSVN, there is the option of interacting directly with the repository, without even creating a working copy, using TortoiseSVN’s repo browser.

    • Right-click on your screen and select ‘Repo-browser’ from the TortoiseSVN menu.

    • Specify the URL of the repository you want to access.

    • The repo browser will open automatically, displaying the contents of your specified repository.

From the repo browser, you can perform basic tasks such as opening and editing a file and examining the revision log, but it’s also possible to perform some more complex tasks:

1) Blame – selecting this option will bring up a dialog where you can select a revision to examine. Enter the revision number, or select HEAD to see the latest revision in the repository, and TortoiseBlame will open automatically.

2) Checkout a single file – this options creates a ‘sparse’ working copy, containing just the file selected.

You will be asked to confirm the file’s URL and the location where it should be created. Click ‘Ok’ to perform the checkout.

3) Copy to working copy… – it’s possible to make a copy of a file in a different part of the repository. Right-click on the file in question, and select ‘Copy to working copy…’

Select the location where you wish to create your copy and click ‘Save.’

We’ll be running more community polls over the coming weeks, allowing us to tailor our tutorials, tips, refcards, and webinars to best suit the needs of the Subversion community. Be sure to keep checking back, to make your voice heard! 

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