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Tagging and Reverting in TortoiseSVN

Apache Subversion remembers every change made to its files and directories, which gives you the option of reverting to earlier versions of your code (useful for when you need to roll back to a revision before it all went wrong!) Tagging is an essential part of this process, giving you the option of labelling a specific revision with a handy, human-readable tag. Here’s our five step guide to creating a tag, and then reverting to that tag, a few revisions down the development line.

1) Right click on your working copy and select the ‘Branch/Tag option from the TortoiseSVN’ menu.

2) In the subsequent dialog, perform the following actions:

– select the ‘tags’ path and add the desired tag (in this example we’ll use ‘Release_5.0”)
– add a log message.
– select the revision you wish to tag.

When you are finished, select ‘OK’ to create your tag.

3) To roll back to this revision at a later date, right-click on your working copy and select ‘Show Log.’ This will bring up a list of revisions.

4) Select the revision you wish to revert to and right-click. Select ‘Revert to this revision.’ When prompted, confirm you wish to revert, and TortoiseSVN will revert to this revision.

5) Check the results of the revert and, if you’re happy with them, commit your working copy back to the repository. Warning: this will discard all the changes you made after the selected revision.

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