New Case Study: Logistics Technology Leader Navis

We’ve just published a brand new case study on how Navis, a global logistics technology leader, has experienced a 10x improvement in Apache Subversion performance and achieved 24-by-7 uptime across all of their development sites.

Navis recently replaced the svnsync tool with Subversion MultiSite, our replication, mirroring and clustering solution, and have since reported:

  • 10x faster check in and checkout times.
  • 24-by-7 availability with no downtime – including maintenance periods.
  • All locations receiving immediate access to the latest version of the repository.
  • Dramatically improved collaboration between their globally distributed development teams.
  • Low administrative overhead as the entire implementation can be managed from a single location.

“Prior to implementing Subversion MultiSite, we experienced problems with downtime and our developer productivity,” said Steven Schleiger, IT Director, Navis. “Check-in and checkout times were particularly problematic at remote sites. Our previous solution also didn’t meet our requirements for continuous integration. We needed and found a fast reliable solution from WANdisco that provided 24-by-7 availability for all of our sites.”

Check out the case study in full for in-depth information on the challenges Navis faced with svnsync and how they implemented Subversion MultiSite in their organization.

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