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Quickstart: Getting Started with Jenkins and Subversion

The Jenkins open source continuous integration server can be a valuable tool for Apache Subversion users. It can be configured to watch for code changes in repositories, to automatically perform builds, to notify users, and perform other useful tasks on both remote and local machines. The easiest way to integrate Jenkins with Subversion, is through uberSVN and its integrated uberAPPS store. In this easy, five step guide, we’ll walk you through installing Jenkins in uberSVN.

1) Select the ‘uberAPPS’ tab from within ‘uberSVN’ to be taken to the store front, where you can select Jenkins.
2) From the Jenkins product screen, click ‘Download Now’ to download Jenkins.

3) Once the download is complete, click ‘Activate.’
4) You will notice a new Jenkins tab appear. Select this tab to go to uberSVN’s integrated Jenkins screen.

5) From here, you can optionally decide whether to make Jenkins visible to all users, or define exactly who can access the tool.

Get started with uberSVN now – download it for free from

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