Apache Subversion 1.7.6 Arrives

Apache Subversion 1.7.6 has been released, bringing even more fixes and enhancements to the world’s most popular open source version control system.

Here is just some of what’s new and noteworthy in the 1.7.6 release:

  • A fix for running tests against httpd version 2.4
  • Constant struct initialisers now used for C89 compatibility
  • Fixes for the output of ‘svn propget -R’ ‘svn proplist’ and ‘svn status’
  • Optimized ‘svn upgrade’ performance on large working copies
  • A fix for ‘svn upgrade’ on working copies with certain tree conflicts
  • Fixes for two asserts into errors for TortoiseSVN

More information on what’s new in Subversion 1.7.6 can be found in the Changes file.

As always, the latest, certified binaries can be downloaded for free from the WANdisco website, and are also available through the award winning, open uberSVN platform. Upgrading to Subversion 1.7.6 is made easy with uberSVN, which features an innovative svnSWITCH tool for moving between the different binaries.

If you want all the latest news, tips, tricks and best practices on Apache Subversion, then why not check out Subversion Live 2012, the series of dedicated Subversion conferences? This year, events will be taking place in London, San Francisco and Greenwich, Connecticut, and will feature a unique mix of sessions, expert-led best practices workshops and invaluable networking opportunities for the SVN community.

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  • Very impressive. Tool-assisted speedruns are pretty wild. If I recall correctly, the non-assisted speed (assuming the world record for time matched in every level) is somewhere around 45 minutes or so? So what’s more impressive is that NOT being a cyborg-brain is only a few minutes behind this. I think those times are calculated minus cutscenes, however.

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