Polling Subversion with Jenkins: The Quiet Period

Ever hit ‘Enter’ on your ‘SVN Commit’ command only to realise you’ve forgotten to include some files? In Apache Subversion, it’s not unusual for one commit to be quickly followed by another, as users realise their mistake. If you’ve configured Jenkins to poll Subversion for changes, this can result in broken builds and premature email notifications about build failures. Thankfully, if you’re a Jenkins user, there’s a ‘quiet period’ feature that can be activated to provide some breathing space between performing a commit, and Jenkins generating a build. If you’re using uberSVN, this is simply a matter of checking the right tickbox.

Note, uberSVN is free to download and free to use. If you’re not already using uberSVN, you can get it for free from http://www.ubersvn.com/

To introduce a ‘quiet period’ to your Jenkins workcycle, you must first create a job and configure it to automatically poll your Subversion repository. Once your job is up and running:

1) Open the Jenkins tab of your uberSVN installation and select the job you want to add the ‘quiet period’ to.

2) Click the ‘Configure’ option from the left-hand menu.

3) In the ‘Advanced Project Options’ tab, select the ‘Advanced…’ button.

4) Select the ‘Quiet period’ box and enter the number of seconds Jenkins should wait before generating a build.

Your Jenkins job will now schedule a build, but then wait 20 seconds before actually beginning to build.

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