Award-Winning uberSVN Platform Hits New Milestone

uberSVN may have just come out of beta, but already the award winning, open ALM platform for Apache Subversion has hit another milestone: uberSVN registration keys hit the 20,000 mark yesterday! (That’s not to mention the total number of downloads, which surpassed 35,000 a while back!)

It’s an exciting time to be an uberSVN user – and we have plenty more planned for the ever-growing uberSVN community. We’ll be announcing an update to uberSVN Chimney House soon (don’t forget to sign up for the Latest Release Channel if you want to get this update early!) We’re also in the process of completely overhauling the existing uberSVN interface. We’re currently redesigning the Administration and Users/Team tabs, along with our social coding and Backup/Restore features. This is the first phase in our roadmap for UI improvements. Now is the time to shout if there’s something bugging you!

Longer term we’re planning to create an SDK so you can customize uberSVN however you want, and we’ll have some very special rewards for contributors to the uberSVN experience.

Thank you to the community for helping to make uberSVN such a success! Be sure to follow @uberSVN to keep up to date with all the latest news and updates.

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