Top Ten Reasons to try TortoiseSVN

So, you’ve just installed Apache Subversion, and now you’re wondering whether you should run it from the command line, or download a Subversion client. As a successful and established open source project, Subversion has a vibrant ecosystem of tools, and there’s no shortage of clients out there, if you decide a client is the way to go. For Windows users, TortoiseSVN is a user-friendly, easy-to-use Subversion client that can be downloaded and used for free; simply visit the WANdisco website to download the latest version. Not convinced? Here’s our top ten reasons why Windows users should give TortoiseSVN a go.

1. It’s Established – TortoiseSVN saw its first public release (version 0.4) way back in 2003, in a release that was linked with the 0.17 release of Subversion. Since then, TortoiseSVN has gone from strength to strength, and is today maintained by a global community of contributors.

2. Integrates with Windows shell – TortoiseSVN seamlessly integrates with Windows’ file explorer, giving Windows users the ability to run TortoiseSVN commands through a tool they are already familiar with.

With TortoiseSVN, there is no need to learn how to use the Windows command line, giving you access to code-free Subversion.

3. Context sensitive menu – TortoiseSVN automatically registers your current location, and only populates its menu with relevant commands. You will not find any options in the TortoiseSVN menu that you cannot use in your current situation.

4. The freedom to choose – TortoiseSVN isn’t designed with a particular IDE in mind, so you can use it with whatever development tools best suit your project.

5. Status of your files at-a-glance – TortoiseSVN shows you the status of your files at-a-glance, with a range of handy icon overlays.

6. It’s Open Source – Cost is one of the most commonly-cited reasons for adopting open source solutions such as TortoiseSVN, but there are many more benefits to using open source in your project. Open source projects are usually collaborative efforts between many developers, so users reap the benefit of potentially thousands of developers, all with their own particular skills and areas of expertise. Another benefit of this culture of collaboration, is the transparent, archived communication you can find on an open source project’s mailing lists and forums. This communication can be an invaluable (and free!) source of information for TortoiseSVN users and, if you can’t find the answers you were looking for, you can always ask the community directly, through these channels. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why open source is gaining popularity – even in the enterprise!

7. Professional support options – There’s no doubt that open source solutions have a lot to offer, but one of the major concerns many organizations have, is the level of support available for open source solutions in enterprise development. Forums and mailing lists aren’t always the ideal place to go for advice on enterprise-level concerns. Thankfully, as a long-established open source solution, there are professional support options available for TortoiseSVN. WANdisco offer enterprise-class support for TortoiseSVN, as part of our Subversion professional support offerings. Stefan Küng, the TortoiseSVN project’s lead developer since 2003, heads our dedicated TortoiseSVN support team, bringing TortoiseSVN users phone and email support, feature enhancements, upgrades, named support contacts, and more.

8. TortoiseMerge – TortoiseSVN comes integrated with a number of additional tools that are designed to make TortoiseSVN even more user-friendly. This includes ‘TortoiseMerge,’ a diff / merge tool that makes it easy to pinpoint the differences in text files, merge those changes, and review and apply unified diff files.

9. TortoiseBlame – Sometimes, you just need someone to blame! The TortoiseBlame tool shows who is responsible for making specific changes, to specific files. Alongside the name of the person responsible for the change, TortoiseBlame displays the log message for each commit when you hover over the relevant line.

10. TortoiseIDiff – Files under version control take many shapes and forms; sometimes, they’re not even text-based. TortoiseSVN has the ‘TortoiseIDiff’ tool, which is specifically designed for comparing image files. TortoiseIDiff can display two images side-by-side, or display images blended over one another.

Ready to get started with TortoiseSVN? The latest version of TortoiseSVN can be downloaded from WANdisco

Extra help with your TortoiseSVN implementation, is available through WANdisco’s enterprise-class support for TortoiseSVN, which includes 24 x 7 support, names support contacts and online case tracking.

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