uberSVN gets a Latest Release Channel!

Over the last few months we’ve added an awful lot to the uberSVN experience, from the uberAPPS platform (with Jenkins, uTest and a bunch of support and maintenance tools), to our first home-grown uberSVN plugin, uberSVN Access Control.

We’ve also seen the removal of uberSVN’s beta tag, coinciding with it’s first birthday.

As a result, we’ve decided to split uberSVN’s release cycle (starting with release Chimney House 2). From here on in, uberSVN updates will come in two distinct phases, initially released to our Latest Release Channel for a sneak preview and then to the entire uberSVN user base.

So what’s the Latest Release Channel about?

We really appreciated all of your support during uberSVN’s beta phase. But what we really value is your feedback and suggestions, which have helped us to continually improve uberSVN thus far.

Your feedback is valuable to us. We want to continue receiving feedback, even though the beta tag has been removed. So, we’ll be providing updates to our Latest Release Channel first, at least a couple of weeks before the rest of the user base get them. This means you get to test new features, help us make any last minute design changes and see how they fit into your ALM environment before the update becomes widely available.

How do I make sure I’m on the Latest Release Channel?

If you’re already running the latest release (uberSVN 12.04 – Chimney House 1) you’ll start to see Latest Release Channel updates available for you to install from mid-June.

To provide feedback or join the discussions you’ll need to register for our forum here.

There is a dedicated uberSVN forum area where you can talk to other users about our new features or issues, and get input from the developers and product team behind uberSVN.

What’s coming up next?

We like to give you exciting new features as quickly as we can, so you’ll see updates available on a regular basis.

We’ve assembled a crack User Experience team to completely overhaul the existing uberSVN interface. We’re in the process of redesigning the Admin and Users/Team tabs in (take a look here and here for a sneak preview), along with our Social coding and Backup/Restore features. This is the first phase of a long roadmap for UI improvements. Now is the time to shout if there’s something bugging you, no matter how small the change is we’ll review your comments and endeavor to provide you with feedback.

Longer term we’re planning to create a Software Developer Kit (SDK) so you can customise uberSVN how you want to, integrating your own homegrown tools into your ecosystem or build plugins for our uberAPPS store (and make money by delivering those products to the rest of the uberSVN community!).

Visit our forums and start to build your reputation. We have some special rewards for those who contribute to the uberSVN experience and we’re here to listen.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions and working with you to continue to improve uberSVN!



2 Responses to “uberSVN gets a Latest Release Channel!”

  • I would like to have feature of Back of repositories

  • Thanks for your comment! uberSVN has some backup functionality. You can access it by opening the ‘Admin’ tab followed by the ‘Backup’ tab. However, it’s currently not possible to create backups of repository content or uberAPPS data. If it’s backup for your repository content you’re after, you can always post your suggestion at our uberSVN:Suggestions site (http://suggest.ubersvn.com/)

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