Webinar on Globally Distributed Subversion for the Enterprise

On June 4th WANdisco will be hosting a free webinar on optimizing globally distributed development for the enterprise. ‘Forrester Research on Optimizing Global Distributed Software Development Using Subversion‘ will explore the issues associated with distributed development and the challenges and costs these issues create. This discussion will also include a third party analyst from Forrester that conducted a study on a Fortune 500 company to determine the pain points felt for infrastructure, collaboration and risk management as well as the cost impact to the company from problems such as performance and extended downtime during disaster recovery.

Software development of any kind comes with imposing challenges that become exponentially more difficult to the enterprise who must deal with the issues of scale, security and collaboration between geographically dispersed offices and employees.

The latest and greatest software development methodologies, specifically the Agile practices, are borne out of fundamental principles designed to achieve just one thing: Success. Project success is the key driver behind the massive popularity of Agile development practices and any successful implementation will require speed, excellent communication and collaboration, as well as the ability to introduce, test and build new changes as quickly as possible.

Source code is one of the most important, if not the most important, asset of most companies, this is especially true for the enterprise who employ hundreds to thousands of developers around the globe contributing new code around the clock. Having a secure, reliable and redundant infrastructure is imperative to managing and mitigating the risks associated with hardware or infrastructure downtime especially in disaster scenarios but also routine situations such as patching or updating the operating system. Developer downtime resulting for system downtime or network outages incurs a real cost to the organization.

Please join us on June 4th to see an overview of the Forrester study and how WANdisco technology has resolved all of these issues and concerns and can do the same for you.

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