Apache Subversion: Still on Top in 2012

One of the common criticisms levelled at Apache Subversion is that, as a non-distributed version control system, it’s getting a bit long in the tooth, and the future of version control lies with distributed systems like GIT.

At WANdisco, we’re convinced this isn’t the case, and that Subversion is actually going from strength to strength. Only last year, Subversion 1.7 was released, a major step forward for the platform that included a completely rewritten working copy metadata system, support for a new HTTP protocol variant, ‘HTTPv2,’ and the svnrdump tool. When we polled the Subversion community a few months after this major update, we found that a whopping 68% of those surveyed had either upgraded as soon as 1.7 was released, or were planning to upgrade in the near future.

This proves that Apache Subversion still has an active user base, who are eager to upgrade to new releases of SVN. This is crucial to the ongoing success of Subversion as increasingly, the success of software hinges on “technology populism,” where individual workers, not organizations, create business trends. Subversion is easy to install, with a relatively easy learning curve and less administrative overhead than many competing version control solutions, and therefore we’re confident of its continued success in this increasingly tech populism-driven marketplace.

As you may already know, WANdisco is one of the major corporate sponsors of the Apache Subversion project. We provide a full suite of Enterprise products based on SVN, including Subversion Access Control, Subversion MultiSite and Subversion Clustering. We also offer professional support for Subversion and TortoiseSVN – but it doesn’t end there! We’re so confident that Apache Subversion is the leading version control solution, that we based our own open ALM platform on Subversion, uberSVN.

Since its launch last year, not only has this unique, SVN-based product been awarded the Made in Sheffield mark and Business IT Innovation of the Year medal, but it’s received a positive response from the community, as well as some fantastic reviews by the IT media. But what about the figures? Since its launch, we’ve had on average over 2000 downloads per month. For a brand new product, this is nothing short of amazing, and is further proof that the Subversion community is as vibrant and forwardings-looking as ever.

Subversion is also gaining momentum in the Enterprise space. The customer list for our Enterprise Subversion solutions reads like a who’s-who of the industry: HP, Intel, Sony, Nokia, Barclay’s Capital, Disney, Skype, Honda, and more. TortoiseSVN has also become the defacto standard Subversion client for Windows – most, if not all, of our Fortune 1000 clients use it.

With the 1.7 maintenance releases coming thick and fast, we’re confident that the future looks bright for uberSVN, WANdisco’s Enterprise Subversion products and, most importantly, the Apache Subversion project itself.

If you’re an avid Subversion user, then why not get involved in the project? The Apache Subversion site has all the information you need to contribute to the project.

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