Apache Subversion 1.6.18 Released

Apache Subversion 1.6.18 is out! This release of Subversion features a list of bug fixes for users of SVN’s 1.6 series, including;

  • A fix for a reintegrate merge regression introduced in Subversion 1.6.13.
  • Plug for a memory leak in the bdb backend
  • A fix for non-fatal FSFS corruption bug with concurrent commits
  • Server-side performance fix for “log -g”

The full list of what’s new and noteworthy in Apache Subversion 1.6.18, is available in the Changes file. The latest binaries can be downloaded for free from the WANdisco website. Meanwhile, uberSVN users can easily toggle between the latest 1.7 releases of Subversion and 1.6.18, from inside their installation using uberSVN’s ‘SVN Switch’ functionality.

Not yet using uberSVN? It’s free to download and free to use, just visit http://www.ubersvn.com/download to grab your copy. And, if you feel uberSVN is missing some functionality that would make your life easier, be sure to make your voice heard at our dedicated uberSVN Suggest forum.

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