WANdisco Updates Components of Enterprise Subversion

Following on from the announcement of Subversion Access Control 4.1, we’re pleased to announce a major update to another of WANdisco’s Enterprise Subversion products, Subversion MultiSite. Subversion MultiSite combines WANdisco’s one-of-a-kind replication technology and intelligent load balancing software to ensure that a central Subversion server is no longer a single point of failure or performance bottleneck. Subversion MultiSite delivers optimum performance, scalability and availability, with built-in continuous hot backup, immediate failover and automatic recovery.

Subversion MultiSite 4.1 marks a major update for this Enterprise product, including completely redesigned LDAP support, and a dedicated log for all access control activity. Other key updates include:

  • Full support for HTTPv2, bringing many performance enhancements.
  • Support for pre-commit, pre-lock and pre-unlock hooks, which can be assigned on a per-repository basis and configured straight from the admin console.
  • Support added for multiple admin accounts.
  • An enhanced “Emergency Reconfiguration” procedure that allows any node to be permanently dropped from the replication group, making it far easier to recover from the loss of a node.
  • Improved LDAP and SSL integration.
  • Seamless integration with Subversion Access Control 4.1.

More information on what’s new and noteworthy in MultiSite 4.1, is available at the Release Notes.

The Complete Solution Stack from WANdisco

Subversion MultiSite 4.1 can be implemented standalone or in combination with Subversion Access Control 4.1 for distributed development teams. Subversion Access Control provides full authorization, authentication, access control and audit capabilities that go well beyond what Apache Subversion provides on its own.


Want to try our Enterprise Subversion components before you buy? Free evaluation downloads of both Subversion MultiSite and Subversion Access Control are available – just fill in the online form to request your copy.

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