WANdisco’s February Roundup

We’ve seen some big changes to Team WANdisco this month!

We already have a company-wide policy of limiting our carbon footprint and being environmentally responsible with all of our business activities – but for us, that just isn’t enough! Building on the success of our Social Captain role, we are now appointing a quarterly Green Captain, who will be in charge of the office’s recycling policy, the carpool strategy, and generally making sure that WANdisco is a green place to work. Our first ever Green Captain, is our graphic and web designer, Ben Fraser.

But the biggest change at the WANdisco offices this month, is a radical new vacation policy that allows all employees to take as much paid vacation as they need to stay productive and enthusiastic in their day-to-day work. We’re all really excited by this news, and judging by the reaction on Twitter, we’re not the only ones:

  • @WANdisco Your way to see things is an awesome show of trust towards your coworkers. I envy you 🙂
  • Great initiative from @WANdisco, they seem to know what they’re doing. More tech companies should operate like this
  • Seriously, we need more companies that understand that face time is not important. Results are.
  • @WANdisco Awesome. I wish more companies would see employees as partners and try to reach goals together and profit both from that.
  • Great example of a forward 3D thinking business: WANdisco – Employees have as many paid holidays as they like!

But it’s just one of the many benefits to working at WANdisco. (Want to find out more? Visit our Careers page if you’re looking for an exciting, fast-paced working environment – with lots of added benefits!)

In other news, our development team have been hard at work, making the latest Apache Subversion 1.7.3 binaries available from our website, and adding new apps to the uberAPPS store: professional support for TortoiseSVN and uberSVN Support Starter Packs. But, their biggest project this month was finishing off the latest and greatest release of our Enterprise Subversion product, Subversion Access Control. The 4.1 release completely overhauls the underlying access model, as well as introducing some great new features. Looking for some more info on Subversion Access Control? We’ll be hosting a free, hour-long ‘Introducing Access Control 4.1’ webinar on April 12th. Early registration is recommended, as spaces are limited!

WANdisco were also named one of DZone’s Most Valuable Bloggers this month. We’re all massive DZone fans in the office, so we’re really proud to be able to display the DZone MVB badge at our blog.

Thank you, DZone!

Finally, we hosted our first social of the year, at Sheffield’s quirkiest bar, The Old House.

Thanks to our new Social Captain Katherine Sheehan for organizing such a brilliant night out!

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