WANdisco Updates Subversion Access Control

We’re pleased to announce a substantial update to our complete authorization, audit and access control solution for Enterprise Subversion, Subversion Access Control.

Subversion Access Control 4.1 is an innovative security solution for Apache Subversion that provides full audit, authorization and access control capabilities that go well beyond what Subversion offers on its own. Some of the key benefits to employing Access Control include:

  • Delegated administration option that allows the root administrator to create teams and delegate administration authority to team leaders.
  • Automatic synchronization of Subversion Access Control with LDAP user and group configuration. Subversion Access Control automatically picks up LDAP user and group membership changes and assigns new users to the Subversion team that corresponds to their LDAP group.
  • Comprehensive audit capabilities that report every repository access attempt down to the file level, showing user, Subversion command, date and time and whether access was allowed or denied. Security administrators receive immediate alerts for any access violations.
  • Can be implemented standalone or in combination with Subversion MultiSite 4.1 for distributed development teams. With Subversion MultiSite, security policy changes made at one location are immediately replicated to every other to enforce consistency across all sites.

Subversion Access Control 4.1 is a substantial update for the product, not only adding a list of new functionality, but completely overhauling the underlying access model. The access control lists previously required to maintain complex security policies, have been replaced by an all-new, streamlined approach that applies access rules to hierarchical teams. For more information on what’s new and noteworthy in this update, see the Release Notes.

WANdisco will be hosting a free hour-long ‘Introducing Subversion Access Control 4.1’ webinar on April 12th. Early registration is recommended, as space is limited.