What You’re Saying About uberSVN

At WANdisco, we’re always excited to hear from the community, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the great feedback we’ve received from uberSVN users. Here is a selection of the comments you’ve sent us, about our award winning, open ALM platform for Apache Subversion.

  • Great work, very easy install, so now I can focus on coding instead of on installing svn again.
  • Thanks for making me aware of this ubersvn.com installed on Windows server with ease
  • I installed uberSVN in less than 5 minutes on my iMAC running OS X Lion in less than 5 minutes this morning!
  • It looks very promising, the setup was a breeze.
  • @WANdisco @uberSVN you guys are awesome. Seriously the first svn installer for linux that *just works* =)
  • The installation itself is as easy as 1 2 3, streamlined updates are amazing (To be perfectly honest I was worrying about updating it; all the worries were in vain) and the fact that it works is what makes me happy.

  • I think this is a great value point for uberSVN. I have had to learn to install and administrate Subversion, MediaWiki, Mantis Bug tracker, and Jenkins. However I was hired to write software and that’s what I love. All of this administrating, while also a fun puzzle, is cutting into my software time. Backup and bare metal restore is a concern as all these diverse tools and stacks need to be configured or work with various 3rd party plugins, etc. Centralized management of these diverse but useful tools is a goal that I think will be rewarded and well appreciated. I wish you success and hope to start using uberSVN for production work soon!

  • It sure is better than what we were doing in the past… create a build, copy the build to a build and date specific folder, and then copy that folder to two other computers and hope that all of the code writers read each other’s code. At this point we’re good to go.
  • Just wanted to thank all of you for the amazing job that has been done in uberSVN.
  • Congratulations to WANdisco and their innovative techniques in source code management
  • uberSVN is working flawlessy and setting it up has been really fast and easy. I have only good words regarding the product, your company and its commitment to open source and the Apache Foundation (I’m an ASF member and committer myself in my spare time).
  • The software itself is amazing, the GUI is so user friendly that anybody could do it.
  • Great product! Was looking for this for years.
  • I was trying to get remote SVN working properly for ages.. took about 20 minutes with ubersvn.com, works perfectly
  • Moved home repos to uberSVN, best SVNserver GUI I’ve seen. Will have to have a look at the enterprise offerings… ubersvn.com

Are you using uberSVN? Then we’d love to hear your thoughts! Simply post a comment at the blog, or email or Tweet us. And, if you’ve yet to try uberSVN, then why not give it a go? It’s free to download, and free to use, and comes integrated with an uberAPPS store, which contains useful apps for Subversion developers, such as Jenkins and uTest.

We hope you enjoy using uberSVN!