Jenkins Professional Support Comes to uberSVN

At WANdisco, we are always interested in hearing your feedback, especially when it’s related to our award-winning, open ALM platform, uberSVN. With uberSVN, we’re aiming to give users exactly what they want: the freedom to build their own, customized ALM platform made from their open and closed source components of choice. After listening to your feedback, we are pleased to announce we are now offering a professional support option for Jenkins, the world’s number one open source continuous integration (build) server.

We have been offering Jenkins through uberSVN since last year, giving users the option of downloading a version of Jenkins that comes pre-integrated to work with Subversion. Now, uberSVN users will have the option of adding Jenkins professional support to their existing uberSVN support contract.

At WANdisco, we have plenty of experience providing professional support for Apache Subversion to a global customer base, including many Fortune 500 companies. Now, as a partner of CloudBees – the home of founder Kohsuke Kawaguchi and Enterprise Jenkins by CloudBees – we offer a range of Jenkins support options. Our Jenkins support includes:

  • 24-by-7 worldwide coverage, guaranteeing that Jenkins is working when you need it
  • Email support
  • Named support contacts
  • Online case tracking
  • Access to highly experienced Subversion and Jenkins support staff
  • Up to 1 hour of support SLA, with a Platinum or Platinum Plus package

This is good news for uberSVN customers, who now have even more freedom when building their own, unique ALM experience. uberSVN users can choose from:

  • The completely free Jenkins app.
  • Professional uberSVN support.
  • Professional uberSVN support, with Jenkins support as an extra.

uberSVN is free to download and easy to install, and is available from Jenkins can be downloaded for free through uberSVN’s integrated app store, alongside professional support for both uberSVN and Jenkins.

Need more information? Check out our Top 10 Reasons to Try uberSVN post, or our step-by-step guide to Getting Started with Jenkins in uberSVN.

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