WANdisco Supports new Apache Bloodhound Project

It’s no secret WANdisco are big fans of open source, so we’re excited to see that the Bloodhound project has taken its first step to becoming a fully-fledged Apache Software Foundation project: Bloodhound has been voted into the Apache Incubator by the Apache community!

The Apache Bloodhound project will provide a software collaboration tool based on the code base of the well-known Trac project, and will include issue tracking, a wiki, and repository browsing. It will further build on Trac by incorporating some of the most popular plugins, to create a more complete distribution than your typical Trac installation. One of the Apache Bloodhound project’s core goals, is to create a strong developer community around the Trac code base in a vendor-neutral location. Trac has already included a potential Bloodhound project on its list of derivatives. At WANdisco, we are excited to get involved in this new project, by sponsoring a number of the initial committers.

Although WANdisco are sponsoring some of the initial committers, one of the major aims of Apache Bloodhound will be to create a vibrant developer community, and any interested committers will be able to contribute to the project. Interested in getting involved? Check out the Bloodhound webpage for more info.