Subversion Tip of the Week

Hidden TortoiseSVN Commands

You may already be familiar with TortoiseSVN’s context menu, but did you know that if you hold down the shift key, you can access an extended context menu? This menu has some additional options.

1) Merge reintegrate – merges all the changes from a branch back to the trunk.
2) Break lock – this command breaks someone else’s lock (useful in emergencies!)
3) Delete unversioned items – this opens a dialog that lists all the unversioned items in the working copy. From here, you can select which unversioned items to move to the recycle bin (of course, they can be recovered from the recycle bin, if you make a mistake!)
4) Delete (keep local) – deletes an item from the repository, but maintains it locally as an unversioned file.
5) Diff with URL – displays what changes have been made on a particular branch (for users working on the trunk) or what changes have been made on a trunk (for users working on a branch.)

The latest version of TortoiseSVN can be downloaded now.

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