Apache Subversion 1.7.2 Arrives

Apache Subversion 1.7 was a major step forward for the Subversion community, bringing with it some long-awaited enhancements, including a brand new HTTP protocol, and a complete overhaul of the working copy metadata system. The first maintenance release was made public less than two weeks later, and now the Subversion community has taken the next step in improving 1.7.x, with the release of 1.7.2.

Subversion 1.7.2 features plenty of important changes, visible to both developers and users, including:

  • a fix for uninitialized memory read in client diff code
  • a fix to avoid reading freed memory
  • a plug for a memory leak in the BDB backend
  • the ability to properly define WIN64 on Windows x64 builds
  • an enhancement that results in better error logging when opening rep-cache.db fails
  • better adherence to C89 in ENUM definitions
  • avoidance of segfaults against pre-1.5 servers
  • Subversion no longer asserts when committing an incomplete directory
  • a fix for nested {Location}s when using the v2 protocol

For the full details on what’s new in this latest release, visit the Changes file. As ever, the very latest binaries can be downloaded for free from the WANdisco website. Congratulations to all the Subversion committers, testers, and users, on another great 1.7x release!

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