Apache Subversion 1.7.0 Released

A few minutes ago, the Apache Subversion team released Subversion 1.7.0, the next major feature release of Subversion. Much has been written here of the new features in this release, and you can read more about them in the release notes, but suffice it to say that this release represents a significant improvement for all classes of Subversion users. From end-users to server administrators, Subversion 1.7.0 will enhance your version control experience. It really is the best Subversion release yet.

After 2.5 years in development the community is probably ready to take a bit of a breather, but instead they are already planning what will go into Subversion 1.8. At WANdisco, we have our priorities, which we think will improve the branching and merging experience for a large number of users. However, you may have other features on your personal wish list, so I encourage you to get involved in the Apache Subversion community, let them know what you want, and start making it happen. With good effort, and a bit of luck, Subversion 1.8 will be even better than 1.7.

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