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The Next Frontier of Software Development: Social Coding for Subversion

WANdisco recently unveiled uberSVN – a major new product available free of charge that transforms Subversion into an open, extensible platform for application lifecycle management (ALM). In addition to plug-and-play flexibility and rich system and user administration capabilities, uberSVN provides the first-ever social coding environment for Subversion, taking enterprise software development beyond the limits of email, wikis, defect trackers, peer-code-review-tools and other applications typically used to manage projects.

uberSVN’s social coding environment reflects the convergence of social networking paradigms represented by Facebook and Twitter that foster instant communication and the collaborative development models of open source communities where software with features similar to these social networking sites was first used. And it’s having the same positive impact on software quality and developer productivity behind corporate firewalls that it’s had in the open source communities that deliver such market-dominating software as the Apache web server, Linux operating system and even Subversion itself.

uberSVN is organized around development teams and their activities. Each team has a home page that profiles the team members, lists the projects they’re working on, repositories they’re using and their latest activity and status. Team members can see each other’s real-time progress by simply subscribing to Twitter-like feeds that managers can also monitor.

With uberSVN, just like developers in an open source community, software engineers in corporate IT environments can rapidly exchange information and continually learn from one another. Peer review and continuous feedback are the norm. The overall skill level of the development team goes up and the all-too-common pitfall of reinventing the wheel is avoided. The end result is higher quality software delivered in far less time.

uberSVN is free.  Download it now at


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Welcome uberSVN

Today is a very special day here at WANdisco.  We are launching a new product: uberSVN.  This is significant from a couple of perspectives.  First, this is a very important product in the software development marketplace and second this product was completely delivered by our team of engineers in Sheffield, England. uberSVN transforms Apache Subversion into an easy to use, install and extend Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform.  We don’t believe that any one vendor has the best product in every class. Why should one be forced to buy only from one vendor?  Shouldn’t you be able to use say Subversion for SCM, Hudson / Jenkins for build, Trac for defect tracking and Wiki? Then decide that you prefer JIRA and simply be able to use it without having to completely throw away everything else.

The message here is that we are empowering users by giving them choiceFreedom to choose any combination of ALM tools that best fit the business requirements be it price or functionality, open source or closed source.  uberSVN therefore creates a heterogeneous application development environment.

Why can we do this?  Well we are very active in the Apache Subversion open source project and we already support some of the world’s largest Subversion implementations.  Collectively that means that we see the world from two very different perspectives. From the perspective of the open source project we realized that there were certain things that could be improved for the majority of users such as pre-configured apache. From the perspective of our customers, this is something that they are already doing in an ad hoc way.  We just don’t see companies paying huge fees for a soup-to-nuts solution from a single ALM vendor any more.  They want to select from a menu of open source and closed source products choosing what they perceive to be the best in class.  We saw that trend and that was a major driver for us to create uberSVN.  This is currently not released under an open source license but it’s free (that may change in the future).

A few years ago when we decided to open up a development center in Sheffield there were more than a few raised eyebrows.  There’s a kind of intellectual snobbery in the UK about anything north of London and if you mention it then you’ve got a chip on your shoulder (that would be me then!)  uberSVN is a testament to that strategy.  We have a wonderful team that has produced something that is quite brilliant. Well done to everyone on the uberSVN team. You deserve all of the credit!

uberSVN team: Ian Wild, Owain Lewis, Wayne Mellors, Mark Poole, Simon Mann, Warren Harper, Liam Jolly, John Chambers, Mat Booth, Steve Bell, Katherine Sheehan, Gavin Moorcroft, Mark Lucas, Gary Beardshaw, Clare Jones, Andrew Smethurst, Ross Bray


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