Experian Sees the Light

Experian Moves to WAndisco for "Serious Subversion Support"

I’m really delighted with the announcement today.

Experian moved their open source subversion support to WANdisco. Of course I think they made the right choice and I must admit that they were at the forefront of my mind when I was writing the prior blog post [How to Choose an Open Source (Subversion) Support Provider].

It’s good to hear that we were able to step in and help here:

We get immediate responses from WANdisco. All we have to do is pick up the phone and our questions get answered

With our last Subversion support vendor it was difficult to reach a live person. Everything had to be done through their portal. Response times were slow and most of our tickets were never really resolved.”

At WANdisco we do try and do the right thing. Sometimes that might lead to controversy like our commitment to fix branching and merging.  I’m still not sure why certain people / organizations take such great umbrage to that.  Maybe they feel threatened or even want to distract attention from the real agenda.

Either way I am proud that we are able to provide real, serious support for the Apache Subversion open source project.

On a different and very sad topic the situation in Japan is just terrible.  The number of confirmed dead and missing now stands at nearly 13,000 while some 450,000 people have been staying in temporary shelters amid sub-zero night-time temperatures. We have an office in Tokyo and our friends Tanigowa-san and Yamamot-san and their families are thankfully safe. There’s very little we can do from thousands of miles away but we have donated to the Red Cross – Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Appeal and we have also placed a link in the header of our website.


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