We’re First Again with Certified Binaries for the Latest Release of Apache Subversion

How and Why Do We Do it Every Time?

The Subversion community just announced the release of Subversion 1.6.16. Moments later, WANdisco announced the availability of its fully tested, certified Subversion binaries for this new release. Before we make these pure, certified binaries available for free download under the Apache 2.0 license, we put them through the same QA processes we use for our enterprise products that support Subversion deployments with tens of thousands of users processing millions of transactions each day. And because we verify that these binaries are pure, unmodified open source before we make them available, there’s no risk of being blindsided by IP infringement claims when you use them, or getting forced down the path of implementing proprietary solutions for defect tracking and other applications with Subversion.

The reason we’re able to accomplish this so quickly with every release is that WANdisco is committed to Subversion’s success and we’ve backed that commitment with our own very talented resources. First and foremost, these resources include core Subversion developers who have become our employees. These individuals have been a part of the project since the beginning and they have the status within the community to make changes to Subversion’s code base. They’re actively involved with the rest of the Subversion community from the time a new release is in the planning stages until it’s publicly available. And they’re led by Hyrum Wright, WANdisco’s Director of Open Source and the release manager for the Subversion project since 2008.

In fact the bug (CVE-2011-0715) was reported by Philip Martin, one of our very talented, full-time Subversion developers.

There’s no denying that WANdisco has an interest in Subversion’s continued success, particularly with large enterprises that have adopted it so enthusiastically over the last few years. But at the same time that this rapid adoption has validated Subversion’s success, it’s placed demands on the project to meet the kind of tough requirements that these large enterprises have. In addition, they have clear requirements for enterprise class support that’s on a par with the support services available for closed source solutions, as well as professional training and consulting services.

At WANdisco we’ve hired senior Subversion committers, offered enterprise class Subversion support, provided free training webinars , as well as paid for training classes, hosted our Subversion Live user conferences where attendees meet with committers in person, and become corporate sponsors of the Apache Software Foundation. We’ve also taken the lead on fixing branching and merging, a requirement that’s been out there since 2007 waiting to be addressed. We’ve done all of these things not because they are easy and make good press, but because they are required for Subversion to continue on its very successful path. That’s something we all have a stake in.


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