I’m all shook up…

Well, we certainly made an impact with that! David’s blog and our press release is now all over the web, and a huge thanks must be said to all that have picked up the story, ran with it, commented it, shared it with friends, tweeted, re-tweeted, and generally helped us get the message out that WANdisco is going to make the changes that Subversion users worldwide are calling out for.

There have been murmurings, no, full-blown shout-outs that have criticised Subversion for failing to address problems with branching and merging. We ran a free online training class on branching and merging last year, and it was so popular we’re going to do it again next year – along with a more advanced class for those who need more specifics. There’s already been a massive sign-up so please hurry to register to secure your place.

I’m really looking forward to Hidden Subversion, our first webinar back after the festive break. It promises to be a really interesting class, whether you’re an experienced user or someone like me who’s only just beginning to grasp the concept, as the material we’re covering is not widely known!

We’ve listened to what past attendees have said about our webinars, and have put together a series which includes some old favourites as well as more advanced classes. We hope you enjoy them!

This week has been seriously busy – we had the ‘shake up’ on Monday, we’ve developed and released information on our new training classes for 2011, AND Subversion 1.5.9 has also been released. Now, that might confuse some people who’ve already seen we have 1.6.15 binaries available on our website, but this is an upgrade for those who aren’t yet using 1.6 SVN.

We also released a very festive newsletter, complete with the now renowned slogan: “Ain’t no disco like a WANdisco!” I never thought something I said in jest at a sales meeting would take off so brilliantly! But think about it, following the news this week, there really isn’t. WANdisco have made a serious pledge to the Subversion community, and the feedback we’ve received from this story has been phenomenal and only proves why we should be fixing these problems.

There have been several discussions in the past week or so about our community site and how we can make it even better. I must say thank you to everyone who has signed up in the past month – I wanted to get to 600 users before 2011 and we have done. Now we have to make this site the ‘disco’ we’ve been talking about! If anyone has suggestions – start a discussion thread, get a debate going, let’s get the place buzzing.

We also run SVNforum.org – a far larger site, and unfortunately one that seems to be battling a spam problem. We are trying to enlist the help of site users to act as moderators, who can alert us to spam and hopefully help us crack down. We know there needs to be a significant change, and it is on our to-do list but with everything else going on right now it isn’t at the top of the pile. If there are any other users who feel they could help us out with spam-spotting then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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