Okay, so I’m sure it’s not gone unnoticed that our blogs have been remarkably silent for the past few months. And that’s not a particularly bad thing, it just means that David and Jim have been really busy – it’s been quite a big year for both WANdisco and the Subversion open source project.

There have been several patches, new releases, webinars… all things that unfortunately mean a blog can get left behind. But no more!

And who am I? I’m Lesley and I guess my official title is “marketing co-ordinator”. But I guess the most important thing anyone should know is that I am a total technophobe.

“Why write a blog about technology, software and open source?” I hear you say. Well, because since I started working for WANdisco, it’s hard to NOT write a blog about it. I have all of this new information in my head, and nobody to share it with that would understand. My friends and family (especially my family) can’t even turn their webcams on, let alone understand the concept of Subversion!

A bit about me: I studied journalism at college, and knew pretty quick I couldn’t do that for a living. So I explored the world of marketing and here I am. I started working here about 3 months ago and immediately found myself in the deep end.

I went from being the kind of person who uses their computer to check Facebook and bank balance (and maybe write the occasional story) to being a part of a growing community dedicated to Subversion.

My first day here, I was given a snapshot of Subversion history: an open source project started ten years ago, Subversion is source code management software. That’s as basic as the explanation got, and after that I sat in meetings where ‘active-active replication’, ‘WAN optimisiation’, ‘nodes’, and a whole host of abbreviations I’ve only just begun to understand, were terms used every other sentence.

Needless to say, the first few weeks were some of the most intense of my life. I tell you what did help me, if you’re new to the community and fancy a bit of a backgrounder: David Richards’ blog , WANdisco CEO and Subversion champion.

Three months later, I am surrounded by Subversion. I am still wary of what the computer in front of me is capable of, and if anyone mentions writing ‘code’ to me I get a little bit weak at the knees, but the work my colleagues complete around me on a daily basis is baffling and fascinating. I am intrigued by what we are creating, amazed by the possibilities it offers… I am hooked.

The more I read about the project, the more I immerse myself in the world of open source software development, the more I have to write a blog. The things I want to talk about and get excited about won’t be understood by my family or friends, but rather those who are a part of our community.

I’m probably never going to have a full understanding of how this software works, but I would like to try and convey information in a way that we can all understand and hopefully enjoy. I want to invite people to join me as I learn more about Subversion, as I explore what’s going on in the open source world, and as I try to decipher the latest releases and their impact on the project.

I don’t promise to get everything right – in fact, I’d rather get something wrong. I figure Subversion is only going to survive if we share our experiences, our knowledge… It is open source, and that’s how we want to keep it: no matter who the company is, the dedication to keeping the source of Subversion open and free is paramount. I look forward to sharing my trials and triumphs with you, and hope you will share yours with me.

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